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Jaggards is one of the UK's leading suppliers of claims services to insurers and other compensators.

Established in 1998, our goal was to set ourselves apart from the competition through delivering a market leading service with innovation and quantifiable benefits.

Our services include property and injury claims handling, legal costs services, data capture and analysis, panel auditing and in-house training.
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Jaggards can achieve market leading savings against costs claimed.

Jaggards are happy to offer a free pilot in order to establish 'first hand' experience of our results and expertise. Apply for a free pilot

PI Costs Calculator

On 31st July 2013, a scheme of fixed costs came into force for new claims under the RTA and EL/PL Protocols and those claims that do not continue under those Protocols. With a few key pieces of information, you can use our calculator to determine the fixed costs applicable to your claim.
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Jaggards provide leading client service quality in all areas of costs. What we do

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